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Aquasana Water Filter Review - Aquasana Pro Series for Restaurant

This Aquasana water filter review is for the Aquasana Pro Series. This is the water filtration system designed for the foodservice industry. We will look at their line of products from the basic 1-stage system to the elaborate 5-stage system.

Aquasana water filter review

Can You Legally Refuse Giving Tap Water to Your Customer?

Is it right for the restaurant to refuse giving free tap water and instead, charge the customer for a bottled water? The establishment will give you the same answer - that it is not the restaurant's policy to serve tap water, for health reasons.

Whether it is legal or not, it is good customer service to offer free tap water when asked for. After all, restaurants must have proper plumbing and water facilities. These are also for food and drink preparations.

Giving free tap water is another way to add value. Especially in the crowded and competitive restaurant business.

If you worry about the tap water quality, install a water filter. This way, you get to serve great tasting clean tap water, and coffee that will taste better.

Importance of Water Filters for Restaurant Equipment

OK, we all know that filtered water will improve the taste of coffee and other beverages. Do you know that it will also prolong the shelf life of your restaurant's equipment?

Do you live in an area that has hard water? Hard water as you know has calcium and magnesium salts. These salts build-up will give problems to your coffee machines as well as to ice making machine. You will waste time and money on maintenance.

So which water filtration system will block these mineral deposits? Or sediments and other impurities that go to your equipment and beverages? Are they expensive?

Can Aquasana water filtration system handles all these? Let's check out this Aquasana review.

Aquasana Inc.

Aquasana Inc. is the company that design, assemble and market their water filter products. They sell through retail outlets, authorized distributors as well as online. And market mainly to the U.S. consumers. But with the acquisition by A. O. Smith Corporation in August 2016, it is now available in most parts of the world.

Aquasana was in the home water filtration for over 10 years. In 2013 it developed the Aquasana Pro Series for the foodservice industry. It has the same high performance that they are famous for in the home water filtration system. Snapshot of the company are as follows:

Product Name: Aquasana Pro Series
Price: From US$100 for the 1-stage system
Owners:  A. O. Smith Corporation
Corporate Headquarters:  Austin, TX, USA
Manufacturing & Distribution Facility: Haltom City, TX
Aquasana Water Filter Review Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Aquasana Water Filter Review - the Pro Series

The Pro Series Filtration

Water filtration system for coffee shop or food services requires high-volume and high-quality water filtration system. Aquasana Pro Series have higher filtered water output compared to home water filters. It can meet the demand of small to big cafe requirements. It will also reduce the contaminants such as:

1. Chlorin

Most water utilities will use chlorine to kill harmful organisms in the water. But it has its drawback.
Disinfection by chlorination can pose a health hazard. It will also affect taste and odor in your water.
Reduction in chlorine level will improve the water quality and taste. It can also improve skin and hair's natural protective oils. Hence, it slows down the effect of premature aging.

2. Chloramine - Alternative to Chlorination

Adding chloramine to drinking water to disinfect these harmful organisms is an alternative.
Water has to move through miles of pipelines before reaching the consumers. Chloramine, with its slow evaporation rate, is the preferred choice. Yet studies showed chloramine by-products are even more toxic than those of chlorine. Unlike chlorine, you cannot remove chloramine by boiling or by standing uncovered.

3. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS)

These are organic chemicals with fluoride used in the manufacture of several items. Such as clothing, cookware (e.g. Teflon) and paper packaging.

Exposure to a certain level of PFOA and PFOS can be harmful. It may cause cancer, thyroid disorders, and retarded fetuses' development.

4. Cysts

Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia from human and fecal animal waste can be present in your water supply system. If not removed, it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

5. Scales

In an area that has hard water, the dissolved calcium and magnesium can build up in your appliances. Such as in your coffee machines and ice-making machines. These scales will increase their maintenance and running costs. It will also cause water to look cloudy. Something that you don't want in your drink or ice. Scale inhibitor water filters will, thus, extend the life of your appliances. The best thing is, it will not demineralize your water nor add excess salt waste to your water system.

Aquasana Pro Series Product Overview

For the foodservice industry, removing these harmful effects will give you pristine water. Because water is an essential ingredient in many drinks and foods. Aquasana Pro Series has a variety of configurations to meet your budget and requirements. A brief rundown of these are as follows:

1.  1-Stage System with Scale Reduction.

This comes with a single scale inhibitor cartridge. Suitable for owners who DO NOT need water filtration. But to protect their expensive equipment from hard water and mineral build-up. Hence, it is perfect for dedicated coffee brewers and ice machine. It will extend your equipment lifespan and reduce your overhead cost. It will also improve the taste of drinks and ice served at your shop. The tested flow rate is as high as 5.0 gallon per minute (gpm).

At the time of writing this Aquasana Water Filter Review, this is the cheapest in the series. It is available from $88.00

2. 1-Stage System with Chloramine Reduction.

This system comes with a single chloramine reduction cartridge. It will reduce chloramines, chlorine, cysts and other harmful contaminants. It is ideal for all water supply sources including water fountain. The tested flow rate is as high as 1.7 gpm.

Sold from $102.00 (Model # FS-QC-M)

3. 2-Stage System with Chloramine Reduction

Like item #2 above but configured with two chloramine cartridges with an increase in flow rates as high as 3.4 gpm.

Available from $359.00

4.  3-Stage System with Chloramine Reduction

Configured with three chloramine cartridges but flow rates are as high as 3.4 gpm.
It is suitable for areas with high sediment.

aquasana water filter sediment cartridge
The general guide to the sequencing of Aquasana filtration cartridges. 

Depending on which series you buy, your system may not use all the cartridges as shown above.

5. 4-Stage System with Chloramine Reduction

Configured with one sediment and three chloramine cartridge. It is best suited for higher volume activities. The tested flow rate is higher at 5.1 gpm.

6. 5-Stage System with Chloramine and Scale Reduction

This has one sediment, three chloramine cartridges, and a scale inhibition cartridge. It is the ultimate and top of the range series.  It is ideal for a combination of appliances in your busy coffee shop. The tested flow rate is like item#5 i.e. at 5.1 gpm

Aquasana Pro Series Video

Are you are still confused by the above explanation? Then watch this Pro Series video for a brief overview of the function and benefits.


1. Tested by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)

A product with the NSF mark is a product that meets all standard requirements and:

  • The PFOA and PFOS reduction claim as  shown on the label is true

  • The filtration system does not add anything harmful to the water

  • The advertising, labeling, and brochures are not misleading

2. Municipalities need restaurant equipment to be NSF certified

All restaurant equipment must be NSF certified before issuing a permit. Aquasana with NSF's certification will clear this checklist.

3. Easy to install, use and maintain.

The unique system manifold design allows for an easy cartridge replacement. If you join their Water for Life Autoship program, they will deliver the cartridge free. On top of that, you get a 15% discount.

4. 90-Day Return Policy.

What is Aquasana "90-days Pure Satisfaction" Guarantee? It means you can return and get a full refund on the product if it doesn't perform as advertised. Best of all, it accepts returns in a new or used condition. (Applicable if you buy from Aquasana. If purchased through other retailers, it is subject to their respective return policy).

5. A one-year warranty

This is also included.

6. Lead Contaminant

It removes 99% of lead and 65 other contaminants.

7. 20 years in the business

Established in 1997 and has over 17 patents and sold more than 10 million water filter products.

8. Made in the USA

Some consumers questioned the quality if made in certain countries. So I list this as an advantage.


There's not much to say about the bad points of Aquasana Pro Series except for:

1. Started only in 2013

Ventured into the high volume heavy duty water filtration system only in 2013. Unlike its competitors that had been in the business longer. But it can also be a positive sign as it can develop better systems by learning from mistakes of others.

2. Filter Problem

There are many complaints on the replacement filters for the home water filter. The new filter design somehow wasn't as good as the old design. Although no major problem for the Pro Series, this issue may creep up later.

How Often to Change the Water Filter Cartridge?

When to remove and replace the water filter cartridge? It depends on your water quality and degree of usage. But Aquasana recommends to replace it every six months.

As with most filters, if you delay this replacement, you will clog up the system with the contaminants. The filter will soon be ineffective and the contaminants will flow out along with the water. And into your drinks.

At the time of writing this Aquasana Water Filter Review, the Sediment Filter sells for $33.00. The Chloramines Reduction filter sells for $70.

This Aquasana Pro Series Replacement Sediment Filter Cartridge for Aquasana Foodservice Water Filtration Systems FS-SD-17-R sells for $33. Check the prices here.

Aquasana after Sales Support and Warranty

All Aquasana products come with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied or there are defects, call them and get the Return Authorization Code. They will issue a full refund. There's also a one-year warranty for all the products.

Aquasana Distributors

For the list of Aqusana distributors including international dealers, check this Aquasana website.

Conclusion / Verdict on Aquasana Pro Series

There is no one water filter system that can handle all the demands of the restaurant business. You may have to pay a lot more if such a system exists.

The Aquasana Pro Series water filtration system has many benefits. It has several models to meet all requirements. The after sale support is good and maintenance is easy. It is also affordable.

So go and check this Aquasana Pro Series for your restaurant business.

If you already own this product, I like to hear your comments. Is it that good?


  1. I can't believe there are places that refuse to serve tap water. You have a very good point about increasing the longevity of the restaurants equipment by using filtered water. My parent's house didn't have hard water, so I guess I was spoiled until I moved out into my own house. I cannot get over the calcium buildup that lingers even in my bathroom sinks! I filter my own water instead of buying bottled. It's so much cheaper.

  2. Hi, Eris. Yes, it is a lot cheaper to filter your own water instead of buying bottled water. Thanks for sharing your own experience and have a great weekend.

  3. Oh wow this water filter sounds amazing, i personally just use a britta filter in everyday life, as well as glass bottled water.

    But now I've read about the Aquasana water filter, i feel like I've got a new string to my bow when it comes to purchasing a good water filter.

    I really like how they have a 90 day money back guarantee, gives you plenty of time to test everything out, but when it has some filter problems on the newer ones, do you really think its feasible for a large restaurant business to buy this?

    I'm probably gona get one for home use though, so thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hey, Marley, the Pro Series can handle large volume so it is suitable for a large restaurant as well. Aquasana also has something similar to Brita Water filter. But for home use, I rather go for below the counter type which is more effective than the portable Brita. Thanks for chipping in. Cheers.

  5. I was refused tap water before and was politely asked to order bottled drinks instead. I thought it was normal as it was at a 'better restaurant'. So now I know!

  6. Aquasana is not available in my country. Is there any other good models that you can suggest?

  7. Denis, not sure which country you are from. If you google, you might find something. Hope this help!

  8. Jen, I guess they make more profit by asking you to buy bottled drinks!