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Keep Your Restaurant Clean With This Free Restaurant Cleaning Checklist Template

Do you have a comprehensive restaurant cleaning checklist? With the frequent inspections by the Public Health and Safety Authorities, this cafe cleaning schedule, checklist and infographic will help you maintain a consistent standard. Standard that will meet and exceed PHSA's requirements.

restaurant cleaning checklist

Dirty Restaurant

Do you know that 76% of customers complained of dirty utensils or tables? That 73% complained of dirty restrooms?

And in the same survey, 79% of these customers will avoid the restaurant with a nasty restroom even if you have the best location or serve the best coffee. These are big numbers so do something to stop losing your customers.

Keeping your restaurant clean is not very difficult AND is a very big deal for the foodservice industry.

So, use this cleaning checklist for restaurant to get a clean cafe, a place where customers can enjoy their food in the company of families and friends.

Create Your Own Restaurant Cleaning Checklist Template

Every restaurant is different. Your layout, decor, type of furniture and kitchen equipment will dictate the checklist. But you can use this sample to create your own. I have prepared two separate checklists, one for the front and one for the back of a restaurant and you can visualize it in infographic form.

The best time to do cleaning works is at the end of your business day.

Free Restaurant Cleaning Checklist Template - Infographic For Front of House Cleaning

free Restaurant Cleaning Checklist
Front of House Cleaning Checklist

Restaurant Front of House Cleaning Checklist

Customer's first impression is very important. They expect the premise to be clean without any bad odors. And of course, good tasty food.

So use this restaurant front house cleaning checklist or build it up to suit your needs. This will keep the cleaning schedule in check.

Daily Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum Carpets - Daily vacuuming is to remove dust and dirt. Food and drink spillages must be clean immediately. This will reduce the chances of staining and mildew build-up. Carpet stains from cooking and airborne grease coming from the kitchen can be chemical clean or with hot water extraction.

  • Mop Floors - Clean uncarpeted floor area using a cleaned mop and the right detergent. If not, grease, dirt and other contaminants will spread to other parts of the floor area.

  • Clean Entrance Area & Door Mats - Keeping the entrance area clean is crucial. 68% of customers will exit and never to return if the entrance is dirty.

  • Empty Trash Bins - Check every hour

  • Clean and Sanitize Toilets - Take out the trash and empty feminine hygiene bins. Check them every hour as 86% of customers will equate a clean toilet to a clean kitchen.

  • Restock Toilet Utilities - As nothing is more frustrating than to use a squeaky clean toilet but no toilet paper, towel or soap.

  • Sanitize Tables and Clean Chairs - Not with filthy rags, please. As customers prefer restaurants with clean tables and chairs.

  • Spot Clean Walls and Doors - With an all-purpose cleaner.

  • Wipe Down Mirrors - Mist the mirror with glass cleaner. Then use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface.

  • Inspect Condiment Caddies - Clean and restock if required.

  • Clean Menu Cards - Wipe any stains and replace torn menu cards.

  • Organize Cutlery & Linen Drawers - Restock cutlery & fresh linen

  • Clean Counters  - Wipe off any stains

  • Wipe Drink/Liquor Shelves - And organize bottles

  • Organize Glass & China - And restock

  • Coffee Machine & Appliances such as Juicers - Wipe and Clean

  • Disinfect Door Handles - With antibacterial wipes or spray.

  • Clean Door Track - Or vacuum if required

NOTE: If you are doing any wet cleaning, place any Caution or Wet Floor signs

Weekly Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

  • Wash Glass Windows and Doors - With mild glass cleaner to remove any streaks or fingerprints.

  • Inspect Air Ducts - Vacuum or dust if required.

  • Blinds or Curtains - Wipe off any dust or stain. Wash on a semi-annual basis

  • Air Freshener/Deodorizer - Check & Refill

  • Plants/Flowers/Planters - Clean or replace water/water live plants

Monthly Cleaning Schedule for Restaurant

  • Dust and Wipe Down Light Fixtures

  • Dust Any Posters and Wall Art 

  • Check Ceilings  - And clean any cobwebs

  • Wash Walls - if required for any spills, dust etc.

  • Clean Ceiling or Wall Fans

Semi-Annual Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

  • Strip and Recoat all Vinyl Floors (if required)

  • Extract all Carpeted Areas

  • Wash Curtains 

  • Clean External Signage

Who Does the Cleaning in a Restaurant?

If you are running a small cafe or restaurant, you can save monies by assigning your staff to do the cleaning works. Contracting out cleaning works may be useful if you do the annual deep steam cleaning.

In their standard list of duties and responsibilities, insert in their cleaning responsibilities.

For example:

  • A dishwasher, responsible for cleaning tableware and utensils, can clean the dish cleaning area, remove trash, store supplies in the kitchen, etc.

  • Cooks to clean grills, ovens, fryers etc.

Explain these to your staff during a job interview. Once hired, continue to remind them of your expectations. This will ensure the day-to-day cleaning schedule to run better.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Template

restaurant kitchen cleaning checklist
Cafe Cleaning Schedule for Kitchen Area

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Follow this checklist or use it to build your own. A clean and orderly kitchen will get staff to work fast and dish out good tasty food served on clean plates. Because you do not want people to get sick and run the risk of the restaurant closed for health violations.

Daily Cleaning Schedule for Restaurant Kitchen

  • Wipe down the Grill/Fryer/Flattop/Range between Cooking - And underneath the equipment. Change the foil linings.

  • Wipe Down Preparation Areas between Tasks - And use disinfectant

  • Switch Cutting Boards Between Tasks

  • Change Sanitizing Water and Rags 

  • Empty Trash Bins - And replace liners and disinfect disposal area

  • Wash Can Opener, Meat Slicers, and Other Knives

  • Wipe Down Walls of any splashes

  • Mop Floors - Do thorough cleaning to remove grease and food spills

  • Wash All Food and Drink Machines - including microwave oven, kettle, waffle, toaster, etc. 

  • Clean Cooker Hood and Filter 

  • Clear Up Floor Drains - Unclog drain, clear sink, and sanitize sink 

  • Clean Refrigerator, Ice Machines,  Steam Table and Meat Drawer 

  • Laundry Machine - Clean both inside and outside

  • Clean and Sanitize Staff Toilet

  • Sanitize Doors and Door Handles

  • Clear & Clean All Working Spaces

Weekly Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean and Sanitize Walk-ins

  • De-lime (if you use chemical sanitizers) Sinks, Dish Machine, and Faucets

  • Clean Ovens - The sides, walls, and racks.

  • Check, Clean on Pest Control

  • Clean Light Fixtures and Switches

Monthly Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

  • Empty & Clean Grease Traps

  • Refrigeration Coils -  Clean to remove dust

  • Wash Walls and Ceiling - Otherwise, grease will build up over time and difficult to clean

  • Hot Line Washing - To prevent any clog.

  • Freezers & Ice Machine - Empty out, clean and sanitize

  • Use Degreaser - Behind stoves, fryers, and ovens. This will prevent grease fire.

Semi-Annual Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

  • Deep Clean -  Kitchen hood, duct, vent and fan

  • Remove Clutter -  And reorganize working and storage area

  • Fire System - Check on fire sprinkler system and portable fire extinguishers

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So, What's the Big Deal?

The deal is on the money.

A clean restaurant will translate into several savings and advantages. So put that in your business plan. Benefits that you will see in the short, medium and long term such as:

  • Repeat customers who like the clean ambiance and good food.

  • A pleasant restaurant for customers to bring their families and friends.

  • A better place for staff to work and hence, lower staff turnover. 

  • Good cleaning habits will reduce the chain of contamination.

  • Reduce chances of fire risk.

  • Avoid unnecessary fines from authorities, which can be hefty.

  • Efficient equipment means energy savings and less downtime.

  • Will also extend equipment life.

  • Lower pest control cost.

  • Reduce wastages from the front of the restaurant and kitchen.

Like all things, any schedule, if not monitored well, will not be effective. So do your part.

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist for a clean kitchen floor

Proud of Your Clean Restaurant?

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Do you have something to share or add to these restaurant cleaning checklists? Feel free to add them in the comment box below.



  1. It's amazing how much goes into keeping your restaurant in a clean condition. Relying on your staff to pull their weight and clan their respective areas could just open you up to the dark side of a lazy staff but trying to outsource many of your cleaning duties could only end up costing you too much. Do you think it would work with a fine balance?

  2. Hi, Ryan. Yes, you are right. To rely on the staff to do the cleaning up may not produce the desired results unless properly supervised. So if you are just starting out and cost control is important, outsource to third party only for major cleaning works such as the semi-annual deep cleaning.

  3. Hi

    Great Post

    I think most restaurants should implement something similar to this.

    Designate a specific area for different individuals like kitchen staff and servers and Im pretty sure your restaurant will stay in great shape.

    You could probably implement something like this for workplaces in generally well.

    Great Information.


  4. Hi, Chris. In actual fact all restaurants must implement a proper cleaning schedule and be consistent with it. It will save them more money in the long run. Yep, it can also be use in other workplaces as well.

  5. We dont have a chance to see back of house activities so if the toilet is dirty it tells everything about management's attitude to cleanliness. So I am one of those people that will never return to restaurants with dirty toilets.

  6. Tom, you are not the only one. I, too, will not go back to a dirty restaurant esp. dirty toilet.

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