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18 Inspiring Coffee Shop Quotes Never Published Before To Keep You Motivated

Coffee Shop Quotes to Start Your Day Right  

Start your day right with these inspirational coffee shop quotes. Quotes from living people (well, at least for now) to get your caffeine going.

You have read from thousands of websites quotes attributed to famous people and most of them are dead.  A cut and paste quote from Quotes websites or from someone else's blog. Worse still, there is no legitimate record if the people mentioned actually said any of these sayings or quotations.

It is different for this blog.

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Inspirational Coffee Quotes

I researched and compiled the quotes listed here from events that happened in 2016. They are never published before in any 'Quotes' blogs or websites or done as posters. Yup, they are fresh from the press! And they are ACTUALLY quoted by the people mentioned.

So don't forget to share these inspirational coffee quotes with your friends with a whole latte love!

The first quote is from Will Morgan, owner of Vagabond. It is a small coffee shop in Murray Hill and he made this statement after it got listed on Yelp's 'The Coast-to-Coast list'. (The list features 100 businesses that were nominated by the Yelp community manager. The criteria for selection is based on the business operation and background and interactions with reviewers on Yelp). use it as a tool to both recruit new customers and to use it, when customers do leave negative reviews, to get to the bottom of the issue

Starting a Coffee Shop

The next series of quotes are by Jack Vanderhyde and Eric Osorio, seniors at Ottumwa High School. The school started a coffee shop business not just to raise fund. It is also to help students that don't excel well in the normal high school setting. It gives them the experience and to be ready for whatever they choose after leaving high school.

"I used to be very 'not social' when I started this class. I have to talk to new people every day. This class teaches you organization, budgeting and social skills." ~ Jack

 "At first, we were slow and really quiet. We're faster, more talkative, louder now when we say 'good morning." ~ Eric

"One customer said he would have liked to buy a donut, but he's a diabetic. He said he felt kind of left out when all his co-workers bought something. He asked if we had any fresh fruit or something. I told him from now on, we'd have fresh fruit" ~ Eric

"Allowing the customer to take part in the coffee shop experience made me feel good" ~ Eric

"Starting the coffee shop will look good on my resume" ~ Jack

 The following coffee shop quotes are from the families that co-owned a coffee shop. Located in downtown Ironton, the USA, it shares space with a music and event center. During the grand opening celebration, the followings were some of the statements made.

“Years ago, we had talked about some business ventures but hadn’t settled on anything. In the meantime, my husband had fallen in love with coffee and the art of a great cup of coffee; not only the art of it but the community elements of that. The best conversations happen sometimes when you slow down and just really enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy the company.” ~ Crystal Buckman, co-owner 

“We are all dreamers and we love this community. So when we see an opportunity and if we can be all-in … we jump on it. This opportunity just kind of arose.” ~ Crystal Buckman 

“Music is a big part of all of our families, So it’s cool to be able to bring this back as (a place for music) along with adding in our other passion now with coffee. We’re all family, even though we have different last names, we’re all family.” ~ Alexa Branstetter, another co-owner 

“It’s cool to get to come to work every day and do something that you love with the people you care about most while giving back to your own community.” ~ Alexa Branstetter

The next quote is from an ex-airline pilot. This is his reason for why he took an early retirement to start his own coffee shop business.

“I discovered my passion for coffee on my first transatlantic flight in the mid-1990s as a pilot for American Airlines. The coffee I drank trying to keep my eyes open was awful. I made it a hobby to seek out new coffee shops wherever I had layovers.” ~ Mike Foster

Coffee Shop Quotes About Location

Jayson Harris's interest in the coffee business started since his college days. After completing his degree in finance, he decided to start his own coffee shop. It didn't work the first time. After a few attempts, he chanced upon an opportunity to buy a building at the right location to start his own business.

“We have a drive-through, but I want it to be more than people just looking for a quick cup of coffee. We want to serve the tourists and take care of the locals.” ~ Jayson Harris

On why coffee shops are the worst first date location. As quoted by millionaire matchmaker Louanne Ward.

“Location is key. No pubs and no coffee shops. If you get a second date after going for coffee with your date, you are one in a million. It doesn’t normally happen. I have a strict no coffee date policy unless you have done something like walk along the beach beforehand." 

Ouch! Now, this is bad for business! And I thought a coffee shop is a place to relax and enjoy the company of friends including your first date. Wow.

first date

Running a Coffee Shop Business

“In everything we do, we’re trying to do a little more interesting and do everything by hand.” ~ Michael Marinelli

This quote came from Michael, the owner of  Orazure Hand Roasted Coffee. Besides offering artisan coffee and coffee tastings, they also serve made-from-scratch pastries and brownies.

"Games are the easiest way to generate engagement and activity and excitement. We have nothing to do with Pokemon and the license and brand, yet we can leverage it to our benefit and bring in a cast of characters and celebrate with them." ~ Derek Fridman, executive creative director of an advertising agency.

Quoted by Friedman on taking advantage of Pokemon Go's popularity and the location of the coffee shop that sits between two Pokestops (a pokestop is where players can collect special in-game items). Need help on how to run a coffee shop? Check out this book on Amazon: 

Coffee Shop Quotes on Shop Name

There was a lawsuit that alleges a local cafe stole the brand name from a franchised coffee shop in Utah. This was the comment from the owner of that local cafe.

“I just didn’t want to mess with the big guys because they’re a franchise and I’m a stand-alone store and a small one. It seems like they are bullying my shop.” ~ Shannon Quintana
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OK. Below is the last coffee shop quote - for now! This last quote is from the owner who was inspired by Hemingway's first encounter with Fitzgerald at The Dingo American Bar, an all-night bar in Paris, in the 1920s.

"I was delving into books for a name and found The Dingo Bar. That period of time, with American ex-pats living in Paris, it gets romanticized. But it's such a unique period of history that I think it's worth romanticizing and remembering here." ~ Jessica Kinney co-owner of the coffee shop in Iowa City, a UNESCO City of Literature.

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Were you inspired by the above coffee shop quotes? Quotes attributed to and actually said by living people (at least for now!) and not copied and paste from other quote sites. Or sayings and quotations from people who are already dead?

Do you have other good quotes not published yet that you want to share here? Or you were a bit unsettled by my previous statement? If so feel free to speak out in the comments below.



  1. How do you find all these quotes? You must have spent hours researching?

  2. Hi, yes I did spent some hours searching and reading news clipping to find these coffee quotes! Having pots of coffee by the side helps:-)