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12 Quality Gifts Under $50 That Coffee Lovers Will Thank You For

Searching for Coffee Gift Ideas? 

Are you looking for the best and high-quality coffee accessories as gifts for coffee lovers and your budget is below $50?  Then you have come to the right place as I have compiled 12 positively reviewed products that are actually useful and come with a money back guarantee.

Buy these items and you will not be embarrassed with giving the wrong gifts that were aggressively marketed but may not perform as advertised.

Best Coffee Gadgets as Gifts for Coffee Drinkers from $30 to $50

1. Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle with Fixed Thermometer for Exact Temperature 

Pour Over Coffee Kettle
Photo Source: Coffee Gator
What Is It: It is a pour over kettle with a fixed thermometer to monitor water temperature to get the perfect brew. The material is surgical-grade stainless steel and has a unique triple-layer base so you can use it either on induction, gas, electric or halogen ranges. It has a gooseneck spout for smooth water flow, essential criteria for a hand drip perfection.

Who It Is For: For someone who loves great coffee and wants a simple way to brew it and to eliminate the guesswork for the perfect temperature for the full flavors and aromas of coffee. If water is too hot it scorches the precious coffee beans and if it is too cold it will never reach the full flavor potential.

Why We Like It as a Gift: As with all of Coffee Gator's product, this gooseneck kettle comes with 100% money back guarantee and in addition, (for this Pour Over Kettle only) you get a FREE eBook on 10 hacks for better coffee.

how to use pour over kettle
This is How You Use the Pour Over Kettle to Make Great Coffee

What You Need to Know: The kettle holds 1 liter but if you boil at full capacity it risks an overflow.

2. Vacuum Insulated French Press Coffee Maker - 34floz from Coffee Gator

French Press Coffee maker
Photo Source: Coffee Gator

What Is It: This French Press Coffee Maker is a machine made from surgical-grade 304 stainless steel container, a movable plunger steel cover and a mesh stainless steel cylindrical piece at the top. To make coffee, you place the coffee grounds in the bottom of the container and steep them with hot water. Wait for about nine minutes then press the plunger down slowly.

It gives fresh coffee almost instantly and most coffee connoisseurs claimed that a French press makes the best cup of coffee!

For a full definition of French Coffee Maker, head over to Wikipedia.

Who It Is For: For someone who loves great coffee but wants a simple way to brew it.

Why We Like It as a Gift: It is tough and durable and made from surgical-grade, 304 stainless steel, and it is also rust proof. It is 33.33 % thicker and 20.54% heavier than other metal brewers but keeps coffee or other hot beverages hotter and by at least 30 minutes longer if compared to glass alternatives.

It also comes with an easy to follow eBook listing the five essential steps to make good coffee, plus a free canister to hold your coffee beans. Gator French Press Coffee Maker is rated as one of the best french press coffee makers in the market. This is also my favorite gift for coffee lover, among the items listed here.

What You Need to Know: This stainless steel french press coffee maker from Coffee Gator is not the cheapest but if you want to give a high-quality gift that will last, then this is the right choice. This product gets positive users' reviews of average 97.8% and is a 100% satisfaction, no question asked, money back guarantee product. So, you can proudly give this Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker with confidence.

This top-rated french press comes in pink, grey, orange and green color, enough choices to pick from but the prices vary slightly for each color type.

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3. Milk Frother and Steamer

milk frother and milk steamer

What Is It: This is an electric milk frother and milk steamer from VIVREAL. The combination of double wall stainless steel container and vacuum insulation system keeps the milk warm and frothy. It has a non-stick interior coating which makes it easy to clean and maintain. For safety, it has a switch-off function and non-slip silicone feet. The lid is transparent so it is easy to see to get the desired coarseness. Great for latte, cappuccino or milkshake.

Who it’s for: For someone who is looking for a milk steamer and milk frother that can prepare frothy milk foam easily and fast. 

Why we like it as a gift: It can heat and froth milk as well as froth cold milk. But the best thing is the free replacement policy at no cost to the buyer and a 3-year warranty. 

What You Need to Know: Quiet operation at only 70 db.

4. Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

coffee container coffee canister
What Is It: This is again from my favorite brand, Coffee Gator. The premium stainless steel zero-BPA coffee canister has a unique freshness valve that releases CO2 (coffee will naturally emit harmful CO2) but will lock out oxygen. This will keep the premium ground and whole coffee bean fresh. Other brands that are air-tight and sealed, will spoil the ground and whole coffee bean as it doesn't have an outlet to release the harmful CO2.

Who It's For: For someone who is particular of coffee quality and wants to keep and maintain the coffee freshness in a premium coffee container.

Why We Like It As a Gift: You can track the coffee freshness by logging the purchase or expiry date with the built-in calendar date wheel. It also comes with a steel scoop and a Zen-level coffee mastery eBook.

What You Need to Know: The coffee canister comes in three sizes (see photo below) and a choice of seven different colors.

NOTE: Check out my article on How to Store Coffee Beans

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Great Coffee Companions as Gifts for Coffee Lovers under $15 to $30

5. Manual Coffee Grinder Travel Companion for Home and Camping.

manual coffee grinder as coffee present ideas

What Is It: A portable and compact manual coffee grinder made from commercial grade brushed rust proof stainless steel with an adjustable coarse to fine grind setting. Can be used when traveling, camping and comes with a carry bag, measuring scoop that also doubles as coffee bag clip, and coffee art stencil.

Who It's For: For someone who is always on the move and needs to grind coffee for the French Press, then they will love this portable manual coffee grinder.

Why We Like It As a Gift: It is small enough to fit in a handbag to take it anywhere. It works perfectly right out of the box and easy to take apart to clean. The instruction leaflet is easy to follow and you also get a follow-up instructional-video

What You Need to Know: It can also grind other non-coffee products like poppy seed or flax seed.

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6. Cold Brew Coffee Maker by KORSMALL, 1.5L / 50oz Premium Glass Pitcher 

cold brew coffee maker as coffee present ideas

What Is It?: A 10.6" tall glass pitcher with a food-grade stainless steel mesh filter for Cold-Brew Coffee brewing at home or at the office. You can also use it as tea infuser or fruit infused water. The pitcher is made from borosilicate glass and is cold and heat resistant from -22°F to 752°F! Both the infuser and lid are BPA-free and food-safe and has an easy-grip seal ring with gasket and smart pour-spout design.

Who It’s For?: Cold brew coffee craze is hardly new but it is more expensive than iced coffee. Sure, a cold brew coffee has the less watered-down taste. So let him/her save money by giving this KORSMALL cold brew coffee maker to use at home or office.

Why We Like It as a Gift: The BPA free seal lid keeps coffee fresh for a few days and the size is just right to fit easily in the refrigerator. You can make both hot and cold coffee/tea with this glass pitcher.

What You Need to Know: The glass pitcher looks chic and elegant but requires reasonable care and attention like all other glass products. Can make 6-7 cups of coffee or tea.

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7. OJESS Water Bottle Double-Walled Stainless Steel Sports Bottle 500 ml -17OZ BPA Free

water bottle stainless steel sports bottle

What Is It: Stainless steel sports bottle with a unique double-walled vacuum insulation. The special cap is leak proof and has a wide drip-free mouth opening that is ideal for ice cubes.

Who It Is For: Ideal for someone who needs the caffeine jolt for the workout stamina. It is very light to carry around and also ideal for outdoor activities (jogging, camping etc.)

Why We Like It As a Gift: It is very light but keeps cold drinks cold for 12 hours and hot drinks hot for 24 hours. So you can enjoy ice brew coffee or hot coffee while on the go.

What You Need to Know: Come in 10 vibrant colors to choose from.

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8. 100% Soy Candle Wax from Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blends in Hazelnut Latte Scent -16 Ounces

coffee scented candle
What Is It?: This Aira soy candle uses only pure, organic soy vegetable oil as the base and 100% lead-free cotton for the wick. It leaves no soot or char so it is easy to clean. Other candles use either paraffin, petroleum oils and some even use toxic bases.

Who It’s For?: For someone who cannot get enough of coffee and want the nice coffee scent to waft into the air. This can improve their general disposition and relieve stress after a hard day's work.

Why We Like It As a Gift: It is an organic, vegan and kosher candle and has no harmful chemicals added to the scent. It uses a variety of natural essential oil blends to give an unadulterated scent that lasts for long hours. I

What You Need to Know: It is a blend of mocha scent mix with sweet vanilla and warm hazelnut.

Best Coffee Accessories as Coffee Themed Gifts under $15

9. Bellemain Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer for Office or Home 

coffee mug warmer
Coffee Mug Warmer (Mug, Muffin, and Game Peg not included)

What Is It?: To keep their favorite cup of coffee hot when they want it. It has a convenient on/off switch with on light indicator. The quick-cool technology will heat up the surface in an instant when turned on and will cool off quickly the instant it is switched off. 

Who It’s For?: A coffee addict who wants their coffee served and maintain at a consistent temperature.

Why We Like It As a Gift: This coffee cup warmer has non-skid feet for safety and easy to wipe up any spills in an instant. It can also be used to warm any beverages like tea, cocoa, soup and even scented candles. It comes with a 2-year buyback warranty with a full refund.

What You Need to Know: Remember that the warmer and base of the mug can get hot. It does not come with an auto switch off so don't forget to manually switch it off after use.

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10. Reusable Fine Mesh Filter to Brew Coffee Instantly

reusable fine mesh filter
Reusable Fine Mesh Filter (Mug and Coffee Ground not included)

What Is It?: This is Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew buddy, an economical, reusable fine mesh filter to accommodate their favorite coffee grind. To brew, just place the Coffee Brew Buddy on top of a mug.

Who It’s For?: For someone who wants an easy and convenient way to brew coffee and take with them wherever they go.

Why We Like It As a Gift: It fits most cups and mugs, and can be taken anywhere. Ideal for home, office, or when you travel or out camping.

What You Need to Know: For stronger and darker coffee, pour slowly. For a lighter coffee pour quickly.

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11. All Natural Soap Bar Handmade with Coffee Cinnamon Essential Oils 

handmade natural soap made from coffee and cinnamon essential oils
What Is It?: OK, this is not a coffee accessory but a natural soap bar made with therapeutic grade coffee and cinnamon essential oils and blended with nutmeg, orange, organic coffee grounds, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, saponified olive oil, castor oil, and cocoa butter. I included it in this listing of gifts for coffee lovers to start the day off right with a shower and coffee cinnamon body bar soap - no pun intended!

Who It’s For?: For someone who prefers the effect of coffee grounds to promote circulation and restores the skin's hydration.

Why We Like It As a Gift: This is an affordable gift that is phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and palm-free. This handmade soap is infused with luxury ingredients and will assault the senses of all who are near.

What You Need to Know: It has the scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange with a hint of coffee.

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12. Pure Essential Oil Singles - Coffee Scent

Kis essential oils singles coffee
Photo Source: Kis Oils Website

What Is It?: Again, this is not a coffee accessory but a 100 % pure Essential Oils Singles with a Coffee scent that smells like a freshly brewed pot of coffee. Although you can mix it with other essential oils such as Vanilla, Cardamom, and Cinnamon, KIS Coffee Essential Oil is best appreciated if used independently. I included it in this listing of gifts for coffee lovers as it complements the enjoyment of drinking a cup of warm coffee with the air diffused with the warm and invigorating fragrance of coffee.

Who It’s For?: For someone who loves coffee as a stimulant, to combat depression, respiratory issues, stings, fevers, and general nausea. It can also act as a room deodorizer. 

Why We Like It As a Gift: It is 100% pure and of therapeutic grade and is value for money. 

What You Need to Know: This essential oil is very concentrated and you need to dilute it with a carrier oil of your choice before applying to the skin. This essential oil is for external use only. It also has a slightly thick consistency so before using it, place the bottle in a very hot water bath, changing the water frequently if it gets cold and once the essential oil is back to the liquid state, shake it before use.

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Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers 

Finding the right gift for the holiday season or for a special occasion is not an easy task. And if that someone loves coffee, is it not just about the caffeine rush or the caffeine jolt.

I hope these listings of gifts for coffee lovers ranging in prices up to $50 helps you find the ideal present.

I welcome your feedback and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you like the listings, please help others who are hunting for gifts or to other people who love coffee by sharing!


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